The Work&Study program is a unique opportunity for students to combine education and work, developing professional skills while fulfilling an important social mission.

Every year, 100 Ukrainian students participate in the program, gaining practical experience and contributing to the improvement of education in Ukraine.

About the Work&Study Program

Launched in 2017 by the Dutch organization IUECB, graduates of U.S. State Department programs, and the International Institute of Innovation, the program aims to engage youth in the development of Ukrainian education through participation in socially significant educational projects.

In Ukraine, the program is implemented by the educational center "YavKursi".

Who Can Participate in the Program?


At the start of the program (August 1, 2023), the candidate must be at least 18 years old.


Applications are accepted from students pursuing Bachelor's or Master's degrees at universities in Ukraine.

Knowledge Level

The EIT / NMT result for the basic subject that the candidate plans to teach must be no less than 180 points (ukrainian language, english, history, or math).

Communication Skills

High level of communication skills, desire to learn continuously and quickly, ability to work in a team, and responsibility.


Desire to mentor high school students and assist them on their journey to university admission.


Ability to undergo face-to-face training in August, and then work in the second shift during the academic year.

After completing the basic training, successful candidates will have the opportunity to continue their internship under an official contract.

Questions and Answers

What are the program's outcomes?

In addition to knowledge, work experience, and well-paid work, participants receive an international certificate of program completion and its results. Also, obtaining documents on the relevant practice for the university is possible.

Can the contract be extended after the first year?

The program's term is 1 academic year. The most successful candidates may be offered to extend the contract for the next academic year.

How to apply?

Applications can be submitted using the form at the bottom of the page.

Please fill in all the fields carefully, especially contact information: they should be up to date. You need to be in Kyiv from July 27 and throughout the academic year. The terms of the program's holidays will be communicated to you.

How will I find out about the selection results?

If your application passes the selection, you will be contacted between July 24 and 27.

Even if you feel you meet all the requirements, remember that participation in the program is based on competitive selection. We receive significantly more applications than the number of places provided in the program.

Do I need to send any documents?

No documents are required at the application stage. However, after submitting the application, you may be contacted and asked to additionally provide copies of documents for confirmation.

How to prepare for the face-to-face selection?

Don't worry, everything you need will be communicated directly before the selection stage. Now it's important to make it in time for the deadline to submit your application.

Registration is open for students who are currently enrolled in a university in Ukraine at the time of application. More details and the application form can be found on the page via the link:

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